Finding Sumo’s voice


Sumo Power came to Acumentum Communications at an important crossroads in its evolution.

In just two years since start-up, Sumo had already taken 30,000 customers away from traditional energy retailers in Victoria and was preparing to expand into dual fuel – adding gas supply to its existing electricity offer.

They felt their message wasn’t strong enough; the company had grown so rapidly it had outgrown its voice.

By mapping customer feedback, the internal delivery model, existing products and expected new products, we were able to get to the heart of their authentic voice. We helped their team to more strongly articulate their core company values, mission, vision and objective, and discovered with them core company aspirations.

So now, with more products to offer, and greater value for their customers, Sumo now proudly stands for: More Connections. Bigger rewards.

We expect to see lots more from this exciting challenger brand, who are absolutely committed to deliver something new to the energy retailer market.