Engage. Challenge. Resolve. Articulate.

10 tips for building better brands.

By Mathew Chandler

I’ve been fortunate enough to work on evolving some great company brands―from the ground up or on a refresh basis. Regardless of the company’s size, prominence or industry, there are some common lessons to be learned:

  1. If you don’t have the CEO on board, involved and committed, your brand strategy has every chance of failure.
  2. You will miss the best ideas and struggle for buy in if you don’t invite active input from your coalface.
  3. Clear articulation is everything. If you don’t know what your product is, neither will your customers.
  4. Your brand story isn’t a wish list―it’s your true authentic offer. Evolve your story in line with your offer. Leave the blue sky mining to Midnight Oil.
  5. Avoid disappointment. Challenge who you think you are as a business, and balance your internal assumptions against real stakeholder feedback, or risk the ‘shiny new you’ being the old you in new clothes.
  6. Technology and artificial intelligence are changing what we do and how we do it. Have your team challenge your model; interrogate how your tomorrow will be different from today.
  7. If you don’t understand the reason your business exists, the gap in the market you are here to meet or the authentic things that differentiate you, you haven’t challenged yourself hard enough.
  8. Engagement is critical. When you align and incentivise your people to your brand strategy, you have every chance of delivering a brand that is authentic, understood and enthusiastically driven. Live it from the top down, and the bottom up.
  9. A tag line is not a brand strategy.
  10. Take a simple measure of success. If you (or your colleagues) can’t tell your friends what you do succinctly and enthusiastically, there’s a good chance your brand strategy isn’t working.

Mathew Chandler is the Managing Director of Acumentum Communications, a Sydney-based content marketing agency that specialises in building content that resonates.